Cattle-panic chaos day? Lumber 3rd limit down?

Cattle-panic chaos day? Lumber 3rd limit down?

Good Morning Farmers, Speculators, Producers. Is live cattle where hogs were when issued a special report last week?

Get on my short list today at if you are interested in price action pattern recognition. You can mute the fundamentals. I did in the 80s as a young trader and am fine with all of it. Trade price.

Watch Dec live today on 2nd day after report finally seems to be paying the bears. Pattern is deep, vertical down is what I service clients in finding or preventing becoming someones (Wall st.) Hood ornament, an Alan-ism from pit days a lifetime ago before this 'tax-subsidiary bestowed high frequency trading wreaked human behavior obsolete. One human mistake, flinch, and youre playing 'their game.'
Cattle- when mkts go vertical you need an olive. Call me for a minute, before this panic algo kicks in. Too late? Knife catchers looking for a turn? Look at last weeks hog pattern. Hint: diamonds are real selling.
Lumber- when I start to cover a market it usually means we are approaching, or there.
Step up from the teasers and get it from a source thats seen it all, because he traded it all,
as an individual independent local (own money like you) with pit market sense and a outlandish story (disclaimer) like into cattle highs when Im asking did China buy a huge chunk? Did you or your broker suggest a top on that WSJ article? Does he read at all or chirp? I do chirp quite a bit but thats the situation at the time. I say it. You take it or take a pass.

Most of the time its low risk but if you wanted to sell lumber, 1 lot to get blood flowing but also because of a reason, condition etc. This isnt blind bs, it's math of some sort. I just had to define risk a monster task for you but not this mostly un-opinionated broker trader. Feeders live today at low and yes it looks like hogs last week.

Many other markets, bonds, notes weaker, wheat, corn all live, spreads, patterns, Olives.Cattle11212017green
I do pound the table bullish like in a few grains last 6 months but that is my specialty coming from pits. Some spreads hit OLB's last few months in the products. Corn is a mess but managers aint waiting to get short. They fade seasonals so if you follow those I tell clients the skinny on why not to use. Fade em early- who is that player? If you need to buy 3,000 contracts do you wait for seaonals to turn?

Wheat selling again holds lows. Is this low for year (s)?
Corn ditto? $350.25 CH my 1st buy level. More behind that! Lumber feels like toast, enjoy this vertical ride. Did your guy see that 100% olive sell on the Trump Canada tariff followed up last week?

Bonds- Traded over OLS so 3 ticks stops stopped, 11 tick max is my rule but thats max risk. Flatteners all the rage last few weeks, 2-10 67-ish.

New year a coming and it isn't waiting for anybody.
Whatever market you trade, I give my word like honoring trades,
These patterns can be detected on my system.
Even a LC/FC ratio spread I posted weeks back.
Hang for the teaser or lets get down to brass tax. I love accounting frauds also.
Traders must be skeptical.
Too high you want to sell.
Too low you want to buy.
Beware of the middle but as you can see on my site those play but you need a stop, or better yet flip stop under like 119 LCZ chirped last week, 3 levels within 50c.