Venezuela evades US economic blockade and sells $400 million in Gold
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In the latest chapter of the , Venezuela reportedly found a way to sell $400 million (USD) worth of gold.  This, despite the intended to block such acts, as they provide the Maduro regime with liquid cash. News on this latest move is surprisingly scarce, but is doubtless related to the withdrawal of  from “central bank sources”.

As $400 million roughly translates to 9-plus tonnes of gold it’s not illogical to make that connection. The relative scale of the numbers seem to say this transaction is not related to the  dumped on the morning market on April 15th, which drove gold below it’s 1280 price support. This morning sees gold inching back up toward that price,  if the rise will continue.  You can read a good “SWOT analysis” of the latest Venezuelan news in today’s featured article, and ponder what it means over the weekend.

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