US Rancher Lawsuit, Commodity Deflation

All rumors, news and not, levels guesses (hopefully educated) levels and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.


(Thurs comment)

Lets step back and assess where we are in cycles. We have seen 50 to almost 80% rallies in a host of things including CT last year, CL, RBOB, LB (309 cited, 328 1 day high), LH etc.

while others cant catch bid as farmers, the new old human floor traders, are next, on technology which is stealing the American Dream. That is only for Dreamers.

See CHICAGO RANCHER LAWSUIT and the tricks, frauds, treason ( Canadians and Mexican Meat CAN BE CALLED MADE IN USA? ! ! WT Heck?

It dawned on me the same thing is probably going on at grain elevators. Local shops app records you and your buddies? Sold. Wake up.

Ranchers cant shop bids?Once you call a packer what? Your tainted?


I have email. I guess they want story as public as can be.

Reporters should cover this subject before Farmers, go the way of Pit Traders..

HOW WOULD that work in the futures market? I cant lower my offer after I check a bid! ? I HAVE CASH CATTLE.

I stuck an offer so Now I Really am stuck? Cant sell lower to fellow mafia packer?

Are you serious?

That sounds like treason. I knew Canada was flooding US with Cattle.

Hey PJ, thats why it is bad for USA.

Now it is in a lawsuit. I have a longer version, not 131 pages but juicy good.

If lawsuit needs another brain on the live of a "Good Fraud"

as I proclaim to have passion to figure out. Call.

Meats Break

Stock options again in news, CEOs. Those are the guys who company takes couple hundred mil hit, like JBS in lawsuit. I call that fat lazy money. Not you.

Its a class action folks so ideas, your timestamps now should be researched for those hurt by this treasonous act against the US Ranchers?

When that feedlot closed while (because?) you were hauling cattle a state or two over. They had your GPS on? Did they Low-ball?

I told you that app was 24/7 recording you! Thinking that way will help being skeptical trader.

I was in the Soybean Pit in 88 with the FBI taping, entrapping Traders!

Rich Carlson RCA was agent.

If you can think it (evil app)

It is out there.

Why does word money mafia come to mind?

Do Not be Afraid to stand up.

Being American has morphed into being a Victim, right?

Jussie scumbag, creating white hate crime? Copycats since?

I say you stand united and get the Ag radio reporters abuzz.

Feel free to give me a jingle.

US Middle class fact, now minority of popula. Tudor- biggest threat to capitalism is income inequality. How do we pay for invasion of peasants with measles etc. What is social cost to US living standards? Equal citizens or slaves that must go home like Israel ish. Real issues, hypocritical, boiling point.

Trump, obstructionist cry babies.

I can email great wall working overseas, H?

Ireland has chaos on border issue.

CRUDE OIL outside down week Friday, island top also?


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