Hit The Mark Trading! Martin Rimes: Just Day Trade!
Three Days of Learning from 12 Noon to 2PM ET Intensive Immersion Day Trading Training
Get Ready for 2018!!!

After my last webinar hosted by AgenaTrader, available here, I decided to hold a Just Day Trade! live training session.

The reason is simpleday trading is tough and October was rough for most equity index futures traders. November sees a return to volatility helping the day trader.

In this weeks educational webinar, I opened with the dangers of tight range trading days. All of us know, it is quite frustrating having a signal fire off only to see very small (if any) follow-through.

Prepare the field NOW for harvesting in the futuresign up for Just Day Trade!

Start your training with both a live training session AND recordings of the live session.
Take your time studying the market approach.
Test in simulation.
Spend a trading month with me in the real time education trading room as part of the Just Day Trade! course.
Gain a quiet confidence.
Start small after you have your track record.
You will learn a mechanical trading strategy for trend and counter trend trading.

Specific entries
Specific exit considerations
Trailing stop suggestions
You will learn the true power behind the every day market movementits not random, rather an orchestrated movement by professionals.

You will learn how to use market linkage in your favor. (You might as well learn because the algorithms are using linkage in my analysis).

If you are considering Just Day Trade!, especially if you have never paid for training before, let me assure you, the information I present is top notch representing years of my screen time analysis and testing including algorithmic studies. The course is complete and thorough. Sign up here.

November 27-29 Monday through Wednesday from 12noon to 2PM ET. I record the sessions for you.